Colorado Scenics

Steve Tohari

617 Midland Ave.,

Woodland Park, CO 80863


About Steve Tohari

Steve Tohari found his calling as a landscape photographer 50 yrs. ago – born in London, England, raised in Switzerland as a skier and hiker, educated in California at U.C. Berkeley, and operated his own photography galleries in California and Colorado. He is a strong advocate of the U.S. Forest Service and wishes the rangers would get the same respect as our police, fire fighters, and soldiers. His photographic philosophy is to just go there and be there – whether or not the weather or light cooperates. If he doesn’t get that picture, he and his Shetland Sheepdogs get a good walk – just like a day fishing – never a bad day!

Just look at or buy one of my pictures, put yourself in a better place, and come visit Colorado, the roof of America!

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