Colorado Scenics

Steve Tohari

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Sage, Aspen, and Snow in the San Juan Mountains

The above scene is Pure Colorado - Sagebrush, Yellow Aspen, and snow-capped mountains. Much of Colorado is a high desert, as evidenced by the Sagebrush in the foreground. There is scant rainfall in the Summer - most of the precipitation  occurs in Winter months, with...

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Ancient Tree

On Windy Ridge (aptly named) near Hoosier Pass above Alma, Colorado, is a grove of ancients - Ancient Bristlecone Pine, some of which are a thousand years old, survivors at tree line over 12,000' elevation. These old trees, the Rocky Mountain Bristlecone Pine (as...

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Colors of the San Juans

The San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado are of mostly volcanic origin, resulting in richer soils than in the mountains to the North that are mostly granitic - resulting in some of the largest Rocky Mountain wildflower specimens in the state. See the photo...

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What Denver Drinks

This is Lake Dillon as seen from Sapphire Point on Swan Mountain Road between Breckenridge and Keystone, Colorado. Above the lake is the Ten Mile Range, a narrow range of 12 to 13,000" peaks rising above Breckenridge to the left of the scene. Lake Dillon is the major...

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The Bells through the Aspen

Through these Aspen trees are Colorado's most famous mountains -  East and West Maroon Peaks, each over 14,000' high, towering almost a mile above Maroon Lake. The maroon colored rock gives these peaks their names; the unstable rock makes for dangerous climbing. As...

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Flowers in the Snow

The hardy Yellow Lupine was blanketed by a sudden Spring snow storm by the Flatirons in Boulder, Colorado.In this state, Winter is not over until it's over. Even in early May...In many years, I don't wear a short sleeve shirt until early June . Summer in Colorado is...

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Flaming Sunset

The mountain ranges in Colorado don't normally lend themselves to allowing great sunsets - the setting sun often goes into a cloud bank on a ridge or mountain in the distance. Many times, I have waited for the sun to go down in a promising pattern of clouds, only to...

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Gardens in the Sky

With my camera and my dog, I wander through gardens in the sky. High above tree line at 12,000" elevation, is the Tundra - short, thin grass on top of thin soil exposed after the heavy Winter snowpack melts .In July, a profusion of wildflowers such as the red Indian...

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Leaves of Gold

In the Central Rockies of Colorado, at over 9,000' elevation, the Aspen leaves usually turn around the last week of September and are gone after the first week of October. In this photograph, the leaves turned early into a burnt gold on September 7, after a cold snap...

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