Colorado Scenics

Steve Tohari

617 Midland Ave.,

Woodland Park, CO 80863


As you drive up I-70 from Denver and reach the Genesee exit, you may see a herd of Buffalo grazing to your right. There is a viewing area and a tall fence – not a good idea to poke your zoom lens into the chain links as these wild animals are not cows – they can charge the fence! This herd is owned and maintained by the City of Denver as part of the Denver Mountain Parks System. They are not free ranging and are enclosed in a fenced area of over a thousand acres. Before the Buffalo herds were decimated in the 19th century, these hardy beasts were not confined to the Great Plains – they ranged all the way up into the Rocky Mountain Foothills at over 8,000″ elevation, past Genesee. In the snow and fog, they are mysterious living remnants of the Old West…


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